Being on a diet, trying to losing weight, sometimes the problem is not what we are eating, if not how much. But, it’s often hard to know how much we should be eating of the foods we love. And when there is no easy way to know how many calories we are really eating, it’s so easy to unknowingly overeat.
So here you go some top tips for portion control which can be really useful.


Additional portion size tips:

2 medium eggs
A heaped handful of pulses (beans, lentils or chick peas)
A mug of dried pasta (75g)
1 slice of toast
200ml semi-skimmed milk
150ml pot of yoghurt
2 tablespoons cottage cheese
Approximately 40g of breakfast cereal


One portion of fruit and veg (80g) equals: 

1 banana/apple/pear
A handful of grapes or berries
150ml fruit juice
A heaped tablespoon of raisins or dried apricots
Half an avocado
2 clementines
1 large sweet potato
3 tablespoons lentils