Trick to cooking vegetables

Today, I wanna introduce one of my best friends in the kitchen, my microwave steam bags. One way to cook my veg in just 3 mins!! Healthy, retains flavour and goodness better and quicker than other cooking method.

Normally, one of the problems to eat healthy is the time. Perhaps because you are really busy, or because you are really tired, but just to think in wait 20 mins for cook some vegs… is a lot of time. But now, there aren’t excuses because in 3 mins you can prepare a good plate, and not only vegs, you can cook fish, chicken and more too!!

Trust me, I discovered this kind of bags long time ago and always I am recomending to every one, overall if someone is on diet, because, you can avoid to use oil or other fats to cook, and the quality and taste of the final product is really nice, for example in fish, because when you try to cook a piece of fish in the pan without oil or butter… is the worst!!

As well I like it because is simple to use, only you have to put food into the bag, you pull off strip and fold over the top of bag to seal. After, you place the bag in microwave and cook. Just one advice, allow the bag to stand for 20-30 seconds before to open, and handle carefully when opening the bag as it may release hot steam.

Easy, really?? Then, you know… is time to cook!! Bon apetit!



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